Great meeting today about “Love”

Virtuous Daughters Meeting - 4/7/2012

Love- True Love vs. False Love

What is Love, what does it look like?

·         It is a word that gets thrown around a lot but what are we really supposed to be doing in love?

·         I Corinthians 13:4-7

·         Verse 6: rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth. Many people use “love” to justify wrong doing. For example, if a young lady feels she is really is love, some would encourage her to go against the wishes of her parents and her faith to “follow after her heart.” Others proclaim that because God is so loving He could not possible punish anyone for their sins or for “loving” someone they shouldn’t be with sexually.

Read Proverbs 31 Women

·         How did she express the Love of God?

Read Ester 4:16

·         How did she express the Love of God?

The Sacrifice of Christ

·         What does Jesus’ life and ministry tell us about the Father’s love for us?

What are we taught about Love in the world?

  • ·         Through music
  • ·         Through movies
  • ·         By our families
  • ·         By our churches

Depending on how you grew up your answers might differ from others. However, now that we know what the bible says about love and we compare that to how the world perceives love (which gives us the concept of “false love” and “true love”) but how do we get through all the mess and learn the language of true love?

Just like doing the right thing does not always feel good, neither does true love.

I was recently talking to a client about Eros (romantic) love and lust. So many marriages end in divorce because people have such a warped perspective of love. We associate love with happiness, affection, and mutual giving. But we know from Christ that those are not at the core of true love only ideal outcomes of love. Even in romance we will be called upon to love someone, when are desire for them has faltered. Love can bring us tears and pain.

Even still, I don’t believe that forever love is a fantasy like my client was trying to convince me. I believe that in my marriage I will experience God’s intended Eros love, the kind of love that even when we are 80 and can’t have sex we can stare at each other and have eye sex. For all of this wait and patience I have nothing to really show for it yet, but by my faith I believe God has something awesome in store for me. And I believe my life will be for an example to whoever it needs to be an example.

So what’s the point? We need to know this so that we can share it with other people both the knowledge of what love is and literally showing them what love is.

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